Audio visual facilities

21st Century technology

The 250-seat lecture theatre is equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual facilities.


The display system has three independent projectors:

  • A full HD (1920x1080) device projecting onto a 4m wide fixed frame screen.
  • Two wide-screen XGA (1280x8000) devices, located right and left, projecting onto 3m wide electrically operated drop down screens.

All three projectors are fed from a Dexon video processor, allowing up to four images on the main screen and single images on the two side screens.


There are two podium lecterns, one giving primary control of all AV equipment, and the other providing basic controls for a second presenter.

Control systems

Audio visualThe primary lectern incorporates a 22” widescreen interactive touch screen allowing full control, confidence monitoring and preview:

  • Lighting
  • Digital and analogue laptop inputs
  • CD
  • Blu-Ray HD disk player
  • HD television
  • Volume
  • Source selection
  • Projector

The second lectern has an 8.4” wireless touch panel to provide secondary controls and digital or analogue laptop inputs for an additional presenter.


Two autocue prompting systems operate independently of the AV system, located in a freestanding unit which can be located anywhere in the presentation area and operated by a wireless hand-held controller.

Ask the audience

Audience voting systemGet immediate feedback from your audience during your presentation via our interactive voting system. Easily integrated into PowerPoint presentations, the system can immediately record, analyse and display up to up to 200 responses via wireless push button handsets.


Audio equipment includes:

  • Two microphones on each lectern
  • Six radio microphones
  • Auditorium cinema surround-sound, from a BOSE/Martin Audio decoding system, fed from the Blu-Ray and HD outlets
  • CD dock for music playback
  • iPod dock for music and video playback

Video recording & display

Two controllable video cameras can be used to display the presented on screen or to record the presentation.

The presentation is also displayed to monitors outside the lecture theatre, to deter interruptions.

Induction Loop

A mixed audio feed from all sources feeds an Induction Loop amplifier for hard of hearing assistance.


Theatre-style lighting provides illumination to the presenter area, with colour washes available if required.


The College is equipped with a wide range of advanced ICT equipment. Please discuss with us any requirements for your event.

Technical support

On-site technical support and system training is available on request.